August 14th, 2004

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Welcome to fangirl_heaven...

Yay. This mecca of pixel-perving is finally up. For those who adore lj-cuts, for those who love swapping pics of everyone and anyone, and for anyone who loves to lurk, welcome. This community is for you.

In short, fangirl_heaven is simply that: fangirl heaven. we don't discriminate. we don't say 'oh, he has to be in this band or this film or this age range'. nope. not here. bring 'em all on.

we do ask one thing: please read the rules in the userinfo before posting. some of them aren't major infractions, and we'll just ask you to modify things. some are serious and will cause you to be banned. we can and will do it.

we (cat and moiry, btw) are your faithful moderators. all we really do is just make sure the rules are being followed and everyone's happy. that's it.

please enjoy this community. and tell your friends. they'll love it to. i'm sure of it!
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