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FanGirl Heaven v. J.D. Gray -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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how can THIS MAN be the dark lord? [23 Aug 2004|07:35pm]
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today, i'm picspamming ralph fiennes. this is a deviation from my usual "alan-jason-alan-jason" pattern. still older. still british. still slytherin.

but seriously, that's gonna be ONE HECKUVA makeup and costuming job to make THIS MAN turn into voldemort. sorry. i still won't believe it until i see it.

his name is voldemort, people. Voldemort, Voldemort, VOLDEMORT!Collapse )

loveliness, isn't it?

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[23 Aug 2004|09:04pm]
In honor of my birthday I bring you picspam of the one and only Michael Phelps.

The PhelpsicleCollapse )
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