August 30th, 2004

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Hey all! Me a friend of Moe's from HarryPotterDashBoardsDotCom. I wanted to kill the server with a huge pic spam to celebrate Billy Boyd's birthday, which was last Saturday, August 28, but seeing as I'm not at home as I post this, I will instead direct you all to Boyd_daily, where there are at least 6 PicSpams of Teh Pretteh From Glasgow. Go. Ogle. Drool. Billygasm. NOW.

Luv, Peace, Monaghan and Boyd,
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In order of LP winning Viewers Choice at the VMAs last night...

Hey everyone! Last night Linkin Park won Viewers Choice awards at the MTV VMAs. Since I am a total Mike fangirl, I decided to post a huge picspam of him. This is also being posted because I joined the LPU(linkin park underground) last night and I was going to post for that, but then they won so I decided to make it even bigger.

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