August 31st, 2004

jo - my name is

The Hobbit Stomp

Hey everybody! I was bored the other day at school, and within an hour came up with a complete manipulation of the song "YEAH!" by Usher. Moe of Fangirl_Heaven would probably know part of it already. Here's the link to the song I made, which I posted in my LJ... actually has that banner to go with the song. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT USE IT JUST YET! I had a friend make it for me, the banner, and especially for me. Until I get her blessings, I cannot yet give anyone else permission to use the banner.

X-POSTED TO: Fangirl_heaven, Boyd_Daily, Monaghan, DMonaghan_daily, Monaboyd, and, naturally, My Journal.

Luv, Peace, Monaghan and Boyd,
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