September 10th, 2004

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disney animated fangirling

not the best quality, but hey! so, on the good ship tonight, we talked about the loveliness of some of the more 'two-dimensional' characters from disney film. hence tonight's picspam. if i forgot someone, or you have better pics, PLEASE post them!!!

also, i'd like to dedicate this picspam in the memory of frank thomas, who died today. for those who don't know, "Thomas was one of the last two surviving members of Disney's Nine Old Men, the core group of animators that created Hollywood's first full-length animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in 1937." i've actually seen many of his interviews (special features on classic disney flick dvds), and i grew up appreciating his talents and abilities. while he didn't work on many of the characters in this spam, his memory still lives on in my love of disney animation. thank you.

and now, because i can...animated picspam!

wonderful world of disney, indeed...Collapse )