September 20th, 2004

jo - my name is

All y'all Billy and Dom fans scream!

My turn to go absolutely this place...

The Dom stuff first, because I'm married to him (in my dreams). There's a new Lost promo on MSN, Lost-Tv has the link. It's great, it's 2:47 minutes long, and has so many more Dom bits than the other promos combined. Spoilers from promo abound HERE!Collapse ) Also, everyone's favorite Dom outpost, StarDOM (with it's snazzy new blue layout, which is the same color as Boydismm's snazzy new blue layout, hekhek!) has new hi-res promo pics from Lost and Spivs, plus, of course, fan encounters and videos of Dom at the ABC Primetime weekend thing at Disney. I've been a good girl, obviously, I've been doing my homework...:D

And now the Billy stuff. Billy was on Starz! this weekend, and JillyBinks has the videos. Be warned though that they are in MPEG2 formats, but JillyBinks can help you with that. Also, check out Chucky's Sperm Bank, Yahoo!Movies or whichever is your favorite movie source for the new trailer for Seed of Chucky, the same one that's showing at the Resident Evil: Apocalypse movie. Still no Glen, but there's a silhouette of a doll with short hair carrying a knife after Chucky says "That's my boy!" towards the end of the trailer. And watch out for a cameo by the luscious Britney Spears.

That's it for now, I think...see y'all!

Luv, Peace, Monaghan and Boyd,
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