October 27th, 2004

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an issue of 'national security'...

i know, this may be the most bizarre way to promote all you AMERICAN FANGIRLS 18 AND OLDER TO VOTE!!!! in the upcoming election, but hey, no one said fangirling was sane, right?

anyway, as we all know, tuesday is election day. we all also know that, soon, the new flick 'national treasure' (somehow i thought it was 'national security'. whatever) comes out. now, i love nic cage as much as the next fangirl, but SEAN BEAN is in it!!! *faintgaspswoon* Sooooo

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Because Gary Oldman is teh sex, and because I'm bored, and because I had a lot of coffee and therefore am very HYPER, I'm posting some GarySpam. Enjoy. (Mind the large ones. Sorry if they take long to load. Eh, it's worth it, trust me.)

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