December 7th, 2004

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the angel of picspam

ok, so for this picspam, i'm gifting two special people with this special, 'phantom of the opera' themed picspam.

rhianna - you are just a complete sweetie, my 'little sister' in a lot of ways. you make me laugh, you've convinced me 'starbucks' is not evil incarnate, and you remind me regularly how much good i can do in the world, just by being me.

jenni - ditto. (ha ha) seriously, for someone i've known for only a few months, you've become this irreplacable part of my daily life. where would i be without being able to whine about the mouse during my breaks, or swapping text messages with you at 11am?

so, ladies, and everyone else at fangirl_heaven, i bring to you...
...the phantom of the opera...Collapse )
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