December 9th, 2004


"You Don't Like Girls Do Ya?" (1 Gary and 7 Cary Elwes)

"Really? That's Awful. You Dunno What You're Missing."

way to ruin the party, Clive Owen. Beat the Devil is the second "sexy party" that Gary is in!! Good old JFK...fangirl fodder...Naturally I have some more Gary today...just a couple. Then I must pass on my Cary Elwes obssession. Ever see Kiss the Girls? Dag. That is a good movie.

Hilariously, as I look up pictures of Cary Elwes, I'm still finding a good amount of Gary, from Dracula. (Cary was in Drac, BTW. Holmwood) You might also remember him from season nine of X Files, Robin Hood: Men in Tights *shudder*, and Princess Bride. and the Crush, even though that movie was laughably bad. lol. I own it. Recently, he was in Saw, which was a great piece of cinema. This will be a long spam. 8 pics. Forewarned is forearmed!

Gary and Cary ;)Collapse )
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