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FanGirl Heaven v. J.D. Gray -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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"You Don't Like Girls Do Ya?" (1 Gary and 7 Cary Elwes) [09 Dec 2004|11:18am]
[ mood | crazy ]

"Really? That's Awful. You Dunno What You're Missing."

way to ruin the party, Clive Owen. Beat the Devil is the second "sexy party" that Gary is in!! Good old JFK...fangirl fodder...Naturally I have some more Gary today...just a couple. Then I must pass on my Cary Elwes obssession. Ever see Kiss the Girls? Dag. That is a good movie.

Hilariously, as I look up pictures of Cary Elwes, I'm still finding a good amount of Gary, from Dracula. (Cary was in Drac, BTW. Holmwood) You might also remember him from season nine of X Files, Robin Hood: Men in Tights *shudder*, and Princess Bride. and the Crush, even though that movie was laughably bad. lol. I own it. Recently, he was in Saw, which was a great piece of cinema. This will be a long spam. 8 pics. Forewarned is forearmed!

Gary and Cary ;)Collapse )

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