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Yeah....More Gary....(3)

This is either "What's your name Angel" or something to do with the italian food bit. I think it's the former. Either way it's.....great....

"I love these quiet moments before the reminds me of Beethoven." Hurrah for self-reflexivity!! He was Beethoven!!

Despite the fact that he really looks like Liam Neeson from this angle, I still love this pic.

LOL, last night at the dinner table I brought up the topic of Clive Owen possibly being the next James Bond (I'm not in favor of it), and I mentioned that he was in Beat the Devil, a short film done by BMW and naturally I had to mention gary's wonderful turn as the Devil. Now my Mom wants me to "get off gary Oldman". LOL. So many horrible things running through my mind. She's such a traitor. lol. Okay, I'm done

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