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Sheer Indulgence.

After a horrible day, I've decided to join LJ (and this community is my first port of call - you lucky things!)  I have way too many obsessions to list here, but I thought I'd plow straight ahead with a picspam of some of my current crushes... hope you enjoy! :-)

Daniel Day Lewis.  Dark, intense, reclusive... *sigh*

Sean Penn = forever sexy.

Kiefer Sutherland.  What is there to say? Those eyes, that voice, the hair... Pure sex.  I am transformed into a giant mass of jelly every time I see this pic...

A lesser-known Brit actor, Alexander Hanson. Not your classic fangirl material, but God, I love him. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to really exist in cyberspace, so all I have is one headshot and a few screencaps from the wonderful Merchant of Venice... Sexy, articulate, posh, theatrical men definitely do it for me! ;-)

Jeremy Irons. *faints*

Joaquin Phoenix. Beautiful man.

Gary Oldman. *drools* Words fail me...

And finally... (though I could go on forever!) the eternally sexy Mr. Rickman... *big sigh*

Mmmm. Feel a lot better now ;-)


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