10 photos of Bryan Adams

I was browing through wireimage.com and came across Bryan Adams.  He did a concert in Brazil on March 5 of this year and the photos are excellent and since he's one of my favorite singers, I'm posting them.  There's only 10 but they're really good.

I love his music. Anyone know if he's working on another album after his last one Room Service

26 photos of Gerard Butler

I can't help but watch Gerard's headshots in this group. This is another reason why I love him. This is from the 57th Annual Berlinale International Film Festival - 300 Photocall and Press Conference on February 14, 2007 (Valentine's day!) 26 adorable photos of Gerard I got off wireimage.com

It appears that Gerard is very entertained, says photo #16. lol I wonder what he's listening to...Perhaps Justin Timberlake's song I'm Bringin' Sexy Back

23 pics of Nick Carter

I can't believe it! I never was fond of Nick Carter but I found a photoshoot I actually like of him...that's like a miracle (sorry nc fans).  I got this group off wireimage.com.  These 23 photos may be the only decent ones of Nick I'll ever find.

This brings back so many memories. I feel old now..lol

61 photos of Elijah!

Elijah Wood has always left a soft spot in me and I found a batch of photos of him that I absolutely love!! These are from Wood's 2002 Toronto Film Festival - "Try Seventeen" Portrait and there is a total of 61 photos available.  Don't claim these as your own; graphic use only, and if you want to share the photos, give people the link to my blog.

78 photos of Kiefer Sutherland!

78 photos of Kiefer Sutherland at the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room edition.  He looks very good in this group, if I may say so myself.  You're welcome to use these for graphic use only.  Don't post the photos on other websites or Jack Bauer will kill you. :] (I am serious about photo hotlinking and stealing- want to show the pics, post my blog link, not the actual photos)

56 photos of Wentworth Miller

I'm finding a new love for Wentworth Miller.  I first saw him in the movie Dinotopia and then again in the Fox t.v. series Prision Break (since it's on before 24 :]) Miller seems kind and a very down to earth person.  For all you "Prision Break" and Wentworth Miller fans out there, this is for you!

56 photos of Miller at the Seoul Press Conference and Fan Meeting on March 23, 2007.  As always, don't claim these photos as your own but feel free to make graphics and such with them.  Want to show others the photos, just link them up to my blog. :]