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FanGirl Heaven v. J.D. Gray

Taking over the world, one squee at a time

Fangirl Heaven: for fangirls and their obsessions
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Welcome to our own little corner of heaven. fangirl_heaven, that is. I am Moe, or magicwondershow and I will be your tour guide through picspams of all shapes, sizes, and contents.

This community is very simple and easy to follow. We are fangirls. We obsess over actors, musicians, writers, real-life people, whomever we wish. We use words like 'squee!' 'drool' 'muh' and 'faint'. We may be slightly insane on occassion, but with good reason.

However, as in all communities, there are rules. They are simple to follow. Really, they are.

1. This community values diversity of opinion, objects of fangirling, and the people who choose to join the community. Therefore, absolutely no negative posts, comments, or commentary will be accepted. This is your FIRST AND LAST WARNING! Anything that is disrespectful of community members or those being discussed in posts will result in your banishment from the community. End of story. Everyone has preferences, including age, appearance, background, and sexuality. Please be respectful. If you don't care for a particular person, then don't click on the lj cuts to see pictures. Simple as that.

2. Please state CLEARLY in your title or post the subject of your picspam. This reduces peoples' frustrations when they're clicking on links, waiting to load, only to look at someone they're not fangirling over.

3. We will not harp on you for posting repeats of pictures or things like that. However, if you're posting icons, blends, or other graphic art that you did NOT make, CREDIT THE MAKER! If you post real-life pictures that you did NOT take, CREDIT THE OWNER! (this refers to pictures taken at premieres, events, etc with a camera - not scans or obvious mass-media pictures found online)

4. NO HOTLINKING WHATSOEVER! That is the lowest of low. Please host yourself - photobucket.com is great for this, and free. If you absolutely can't host it yourself for some inexplicable reason, ask and *maybe* i'll be nice and host it for you. :-)

5. All pictures and icons behind a cut, please. Yes, in other communities, if they're under a certain size, it's ok. However, out of respect for people, please place behind an lj-cut. if you have questions about this, the FAQ here will have that info. In the same breath - if you're cross-posting, please say so. It takes an additional five seconds. Thanks.

6. Please state VERY CLEARLY if you are including slash in your picspam. This is a Slash_Friendly_Site, meaning that it is perfectly acceptable. However, since others may not care for slash, please be considerate.

7. However, just because slash is acceptable does NOT mean that NC-17, pornography, or other 'mature' forms of picspam are. They are NOT. This is your FIRST AND LAST WARNING! Anything that is beyond the scope of an R rating (and I hope by now everyone in the community knows what that means; if not, ask!) will result in your banishment from the community.

8. Female picspam is perfectly acceptable. Yes, fangirls mostly obsess over men, but you know, we believe in equality here. If there's a woman who deserves some applause, by all means, post picspam. Same rules apply.

I think that's it for now. If any more changes to the rules come up, we'll post them in the community. Questions, just ask. That's why we're here.


Dedicated to the picspamming of beautiful women.
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Yes, we have them! If you would like to join the lucky communities/journals/sites that affiliate with fangirl_heaven, just comment in a picspam. It's THAT easy!

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